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IBM System/36 rescue


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My IBM System/36 model 5360 came from a great guy named Jim Barker as he was liquidating the assets of his former construction company in northeastern Florida. Jim contacted his friend Dave Greelish and mentioned that he had an old computer that needed a new home, and Dave put the word out on the classiccmp mailing list. I responded, as it was only a few hours away, and I've always been curious about the System/36. I had never gotten the chance to learn about this historically-important model. After a few weeks of false starts in the planning, I was able to borrow a truck and trailer, and I headed north. Leaving in the early morning, I picked up my friend and former coworker Jon in Tampa, and we reached the St. Augustine area a little after noon. We were met at Jim's office by Jim, Dave, and Dave's friend Mark, who had graciously offered to assist with the loading.